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Mac application authentication issue

If you see this prompt after trying to connect to our application on the Mac, you have to enter the NordVPN password in order to proceed with the connection.

Usually, it happens if you are using the IKEv2 application version on a MacOS version lower than 10.12 as our IKEv2 application is officially supported on MacOS 10.12 and higher versions.

If your MacOS version is lower than 10.12, you should use the Mac OpenVPN application version.

In case the issue persists, remove the NordVPN application, reboot your Mac and reinstall the NordVPN application.

If that did not help, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open Keychain on your Mac and search for the "NordVPN" item:

  2. Double click on the "NordVPN" entry.
  3. Click on the "Show password".

  4. Copy the password that was just revealed.
  5. Paste that password to the "VPN Connection" pop-up on the NordVPN application and try connecting again.

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