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Connecting from a restricted country

Please try enabling Obfuscated Servers feature in NordVPN app settings and try connecting to the servers mentioned below:

Singapore #184-187;
Japan #193-200;
Hong Kong #75-82;
United States #3041-3056.

If the Obfuscated servers appear to be malfunctioning as well - disable this feature and try connecting to standard NordVPN servers:

Germany #255, 264, 267-269, 338, 340, 476;
Latvia #5, 9, 10-12;
France #105, 106, 108, 111, 279;
Australia #313;
Belgium #82;
Canada #476-477, 486-490;
Sweden #236-245;
Poland #66;
United States #2497, 2499, 2505-2507, 3090-3096, 3098.

Assuming that you will not be able to detect mentioned servers, most probably your servers list has not been updated yet. Our recommendation would be to log out from the NordVPN application and log in again.

In order to connect to these specific servers, click on the magnifying glass icon and search for the country and a server number with a hashtag.

For example: France #108.

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