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pfSense 2.4.4 selective Routing

  1. In order to setup pfSense selective routing, please set up OpenVPN first on your pfSense following our tutorial.

    Note: On the Tunnel Settings, mark the checkbox on Don't pull routes option.
  2. Once you have finished the tutorial, navigate to Firewall → NAT → Outbound. You will need to readjust Mappings according to the screenshot:

  3. Navigate to Firewall → Rules → LAN.
    1. Click to Add new interface. Change the following settings:

      Action: Pass
      Interface: LAN
      Protocol: Any
      Source: Single host or alias → device IP address you wish to exclude from VPN tunnel. (You can write a whole subnet, range of IP addresses as well)
      Gateway: WAN_DHCP

      Once you will save changes, your LAN rules should look similar to:

  4. Save and apply changes. You may also need to reset the firewall to apply all changes, which you can do by:
  5. Navigate Diagnostics → States → Reset States → Check Reset the firewall state table → Reset.
  6. That is it, you can check our IP check website to see whether your devices are routed through ISP connection and rest of them via VPN tunnel.

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