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Proxy setup on Opera

Please note: the following tutorial is a workaround that seemed to perform well according to our tests. Nevertheless, our extension is only officially supported on Firefox, Chrome, and Chromium-based browsers. Therefore, you may try this only at your own risk. Alternatively, you are welcome to protect all of your connections to the internet by downloading and using our app instead

  1. Open your Opera Browser.

  2. Download the addon which will allow you to use Chrome extensions within Opera: Install Chrome Extensions.

  3. Head to the Chrome Web Store, find the NordVPN extension and click "Add to Opera".

  4. After pressing "Add To Opera" you will be transferred to the Extensions section, where you will need to press "Install".

  5. The NordVPN extension should now be accessible by pressing on the box icon in the upper right corner. 

  6. Now simply log in, connect to a server - and done!

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