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Change your DNS servers on Android TV

On Android TV, you can change your DNS servers to ours by going through the following steps:
  1. Go to the Settings on your Smart TV, usually designated with a cogwheel icon.
  2. Head to 'Network & Internet", and then write down somewhere the IP Address (1). Afterwards, press on IP settings (2).

  3. In IP settings, switch to Static.

  4. Enter the IP address from step 2.

  5. Type in the Gateway (router IP) address. Click here to learn how to find it

  6. The Network prefix length should show 24 by default. If it doesn't, then change to it.

  7. Now, enter the first DNS address:

  8. Do the same for the second DNS address:

    Done! You have manually set up up NordVPN DNS servers.
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