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What to do if you did not receive an activation email

When signing up for the NordVPN service, you need to enter an email address. You will be using it for login and will receive your password to that same address. 

So make sure that the email address you provide is valid and can be accessed by you.

If you have signed up successfully but have not received any email with your login credentials, follow these steps:

1. Wait for around 10 minutes after the signup for your email to arrive.

2. Check your junk, spam, promotions, and other sections of your email account. Activation emails are sent to many users, so they might be flagged for spam or similar.

3. You can get your password resent at the My Account part of our website. Or just click this link: Reset password.

Note: If you are having trouble remembering your password, try using a password manager. This way, your passwords will be secure and you won't have to worry about forgetting them. If you are looking for one, you could check out our new product, NordPass.

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