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Sponsorship and affiliate programs with NordVPN

What is sponsorship, and how to get sponsored by NordVPN?

A sponsorship program with NordVPN will help you and your audience deepen their knowledge about cybersecurity and privacy. Additionally, you will be rewarded for publicly sharing your feedback and experience with the NordVPN product. Various Youtube videos, Twitch streams, and other content can be sponsored by NordVPN. To become a NordVPN sponsor, click here and follow three simple steps. 

Do I get instantly charged when I click on the NordVPN sponsorship link?

You will not be instantly charged when clicking on a NordVPN sponsorship link. The link will forward you to a Nord Checkout page with a special sponsorship code applied to finish your purchase. 

What is an affiliate program, and how can I become a NordVPN affiliate? 

With NordVPN's affiliate program, you can earn money by promoting NordVPN's service. Each customer you refer will increase your earnings depending on their chosen subscription plan. Find all the commission rates here and learn how to become an affiliate.

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